SKI FASHION: Stylish folks on the slopes

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SKI FASHION: Stylish folks on the slopes

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The winter ski season is in full swing and it’s the time to indulge in the power of speed, freedom and adrenaline (in style).

To look like a real winner of the snowy peaks, you don’t need much: only the suit with perfect fitting. And in order not to lose in this ski-fashion competition with colour and print, read our material.

To start with a rule: if you want to ride beautifully – you need to move freely and naturally. And to ride naturally – you need to feel comfortable. In order to reach this feeling, you would need to find the right clothes for skiing. Of course, the tasks on the slope are different for everyone. Someone is relaxing from work, riding slowly and enjoying the fresh air and sun in anticipation of a cup of mulled wine with strudel in the company of family or friends. For someone, going to the mountains becomes a continuation of life in business. What can contribute to a mutual understanding with a business partner more than joint skating? For some, a ski resort is a romantic vacation spot with a sweetheart who looks up to you and you can’t lose face!

Bogner ski outfits


Ski clothes from Bogner line have tones of fans and of course not accidentally, even though the pricing is quite high. It’s enough to take it in your hands to understand that you are really getting the best thing you can buy this season. All looks are restrained, do not allow frivolity outside skating, but in them, on the slope, you will look like rapid lightning and will not go unnoticed, despite the inconspicuous colour. They have different styles from baggy to skinny, so you could easily go for it even if you are snowboarding. 

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Fendi ski outfits 


If you are signing up for something extreme, such as freeriding – then Fendi would be probably the best choice for you. Even in such a harsh environment, there is a place for fashion: clothes which are as bright as possible. This, of course, is also a vital necessity – in the vast expanses of mountains, in the forest, in the gorge, you should be clearly visible to your comrades at any time. Therefore, a series of ski suits from Fendi have clearly visible colours, high-tech Gore-Tex membranes, and a fairly bonded cut to emphasize your skinny legs. 

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Chanel Coco Neige


Chanel Coco Neige was launched only in August 2018, so by now, every single fashionista can continue wearing Chanel even on the snowy peaks! A distinctive feature of these jackets and pants is not only their absolute comfort for the rider but also a chic appearance. They do not hinder movement at all, provide a comfortable microclimate inside the suit, protect from wind and cold and at the same time emphasize the status of the owner. The appearance of designer ski clothing is quite urban, emphasizing the beauty of the waist and legs silhouette, in any situation, maintaining respectability. In such clothes, you are not ashamed to go shopping in the morning, and after dinner immediately rush to the mountain!

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