Q+A skincare: I tried 7 of the skincare products and this is what I found

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I tried 7 Q+A skincare products and this is what I found

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I tried 7 Q+A skincare products and this is what I found…

When asked to put seven of the Q+A Skincare’s products on trial I was really excited for several reasons.

Firstly, the UK-based skincare range (including serums, eye creams, toners, moisturisers and cleansers)  is only using natural and clean ingredients using COSMOS certified suppliers. All products are produced in Norfolk, UK and is a family-run company.

Secondly, none of the Q+A products have been tested on animals or ever will be and all products are vegan-friendly, asides from certain moisturiser emulsions which contain beeswax.

And lastly, the extensive product range is affordable starting at $13 which is a bargain given the quality of the products.

And if you are struggling to work out which products to get for your skin type, there’s an easy-to-use ‘Q+A checklist’ to help you identify which products are most suitable for your skin.

So without further ado, below are my thoughts on some of the brand’s best-selling products…

Q+A Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Cleanser

The hyaluronic acid hydrating cleanser from Q+A Skincare provided a burst of hydration. It cleansed my pores and removed all the dirt and impurities from the day including my makeup.  It didn’t dry out my skin and the hydrating ingredients left my face feeling soft, moisturised, clean and refreshed. I love how this cleanser left my skin feeling, clean but not dry.

Q +A Niacinamide Toner

The niacinamide toner gave my skin a refreshing splash of hydration thanks to the niacinamide, an ingredient our body cannot produce on its own, and Aloe Vera for hydration. I could tell that the toner minimised my pores and calmed down the redness of my skin. It felt refreshing and left my skin clean and clear.

Q+A skincare

Q +A Superfood Facial Oil

I finished my skincare makeover with the superfood facial oil from Q+A, this oil just like the name fed my face with healthy natural nutrients giving my face a dewy glow. The vitamins and antioxidants this product is filled with, easily absorbed into my skin without making it look oily.

Q+A skincare

Q +A Caffeine Eye Serum

The caffeine eye serum from Q+A claims to revive the puffy bags under the eyes. After using the serum, which active ingredient is caffeine, my eyes looked brighter and less baggy. It was like having a cup of coffee for my eyes! I especially loved the unique application of this product.

Q+A skincare

Q + A Apple AHA Exfoliating Gel

The apple AHA exfoliating gel has a jelly lie texture which gently exfoliated my skin without damaging my skin moisture barrier. This exfoliating gel contains apple fruit extract which is filled with natural antioxidants and left my skin feeling smooth and brightened and replenished. I love how the skin was gently exfoliated and it smelled amazing!

Q+A skincare

Q + A Peptide Facial Serum

I haven’t used too many serums and don’t have much experience with how to use them. However, this water-based facial serum was absorbed quickly by my skin. Thanks to the peptides, an ingredient suppose to minimised signs of ageing, my skin looked bright and youthful. I loved the smooth and easy application of this serum and will definitely add this to my new skincare routine.

Q+A skincare

Q + A Collagen Face Cream

This face cream is 100% natural and is derived from seaweed. It has a smooth application leaving skin feeling and looking firm. This cream improved my skin’s elasticity leaving me with a smoother-looking complexion. I loved how my skin was left feeling firm and reduced the look of my lines. I used it under my foundation and it actually made my foundation stay on all day and gave me a great glow. 


In conclusion, this is a great product range and thanks to their affordable prices it’s a great brand to look for if you are new to a 7-step skincare routine (like myself). All products felt great on my skin and didn’t cause any irritation. I’ll definitely keep using the products and I especially loved the moisturiser and the exfoliating gel.

For all products visit https://www.qandaskin.com/collections/shop-all 

Jordan Krueger
Jordan Krueger is an authentic young teenager with a passion for self-care and family. She discovered solace in health and wellness through a personal journey that has been filled with trials and battles with mental health. A very passionate human rights activist, Jordan is changing the world and expressing her opinion, one blog at a time. Jordan’s art is making words come to life, like magic on your screens. The world is shaped by our opinions and views, Jordan loves to share hers with a hope to inspire people along the way.


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