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A Guide to the Most Common Hair Problems & How to Fix Them

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A Guide to the Most Common Hair Problems & How to Fix Them

Do you know what’s the worst thing in the world?

It’s the morn’ or eve of a big event – a job interview, a first date, a highly anticipated party or wedding. You’re dressed to the nines, your best foot is forward, and yet, as you gaze into the mirror, you are presented with the gut-wrenching reality that your hair is not cooperating. It’s frizzy, pulling your tresses up in ways that defy physics, it’s greasy when you’ve just washed it a few hours ago. Or your scalp looks weird, or visible, or different, and it’s making you self-conscious. God forbid you have a fringe to contend with too.

It’s a common nightmare we’ve all faced; moments when your hair decides to go rogue and work against you, not with you.

But don’t worry. This guide will provide you with expert solutions to remedy your hair hassles and restore your hair to its full vibrancy. So, let’s get started and discover how you can fix the most common hair problems.

1. Battling The Grease

Oh, greasy hair, we meet again – it’s as if your scalp decided to host an impromptu oil festival, and you’re left dealing with the aftermath, and always at the worst times. However, saving yourself from grease can sometimes be as simple as picking the appropriate products for the job. For starters, look for a gentle shampoo formulated specifically for oily hair. 

Many beauty retailers like Adore Beauty stock a wide range of different shampoos for various hair types, and for Qantas users, you can earn Qantas Points when you buy with Qantas Shopping too. These speciality formulas help to gently cleanse away excess oil without stripping your locks of essential moisture, leaving you with fresh, balanced hair ready to take on the day. 

And while we’re on the topic of shampoo, here’s a bonus tip for you: stop washing your hair too much. Your scalp will eventually operate in overdrive and create more oil if you wash your hair too often. But what about those days in between washes when your hair seems to be staging a protest? Well, here’s where dry shampoo can really save the day. Spritz and brush, or use your fingers for textured hair, and there you are, your hair just turned from greasy to fabulous in seconds.

2. Saying Goodbye To Hair Loss

Hair loss is a topic that hits close to home for many. Whether you’ve recently started clogging the shower drain or are growing sensitive to worrisome thinning, hair loss can be a soul-crushing blow to your confidence and self-esteem. It can sneak up for multiple reasons including genetics, hormonal changes and stress. So, how do we kick hair loss to the curb and reclaim our mane’s former glory?

One strategy is to treat your scalp like a carefully cultivated garden. Healthy soil is vital for happy plants, not too different from how a healthy scalp creates a sturdy foundation for resilient hair. Give yourself a beneficial, stimulating scalp massage to create blood flow. Consider utilising scalp-friendly ingredients like peppermint or tea tree oil in your washing and conditioning routine, which can nourish a comforting environment to promote hair growth by reducing inflammation.

Additionally, feeding your hair from within is equally important. A nutrient-rich diet will provide everything you need to help your hair grow strong and long. Consider adding more leafy greens, lean proteins, and omega-3s to your meals. If your hair is still thinning despite your best efforts, seek advice, and support from a dermatologist or trichologist. They can provide you with professional insights and a specialised strategy, which might include topical therapy, supplements, or cutting-edge treatments like PRP or hair transplants.

3. Stopping The Frizz

Nothing else can ruin your good hair day quite as fast as frizz. The main culprit? A lack of moisture. If you suffer from frizz you’ll want to go for products with moisture-locking ingredients like shea butter or argan oil. A leave-in conditioner or a good smoothing serum will also help keep the frizz away all day long. 

But wait…there’s more. Another super helpful tip is to work with your natural hair texture instead of against it. Instead, try air-drying your hair, or opting for heat styling tools with adjustable temperature settings to minimise damage as much as possible. Spritz your hair with water between washes, and remember that for curly queens, getting caught in the rain can actually make your hair look better, rather than the opposite!

4. Conquering The Itch

Is there anything worse than an itchy scalp? It’s a little like having an uninvited guest at the party – unwelcome, irritating, and hard to get rid of. From dandruff and product buildup to plain old dryness, an itchy scalp is a miserable experience. Not only does it leave you feeling self-conscious and embarrassed from constant head-scratching, but it can also cause painful redness and irritation.

Begin by identifying the underlying cause — is it dandruff, product buildup, or a lack of moisture? Once the perpetrator has been identified, you can target your efforts and finally put an end to the itch. An anti-dandruff shampoo with active ingredients like ketoconazole or zinc pyrithione is the best start to combating flakes. 

If you’re dealing with product buildup, the best thing you can do for your noggin is add a quality clarifying shampoo to the mix for a refreshing deep-clean. Finally, don’t overlook the importance of hydration — a moisturised scalp is a happy scalp, so nourish your hair with rich, chemical-free oils and masks to revive it. In no time, you’ll be trading scratches for a thriving, healthy scalp.

5. Nourishing Dry, Brittle Strands

Another issue many people experience with their hair is lacklustre, brittle strands. Whether it’s due to years of bleach damage, excessive heat styling, or just environmental factors, dry, brittle hair is the result of harm to the hair cuticle, making your hair vulnerable to breakage and split ends.

First and foremost, treat your locks to a hydrating shampoo and conditioner duo that includes powerhouse ingredients like argan oil, coconut oil, or shea butter. These ingredients not only infuse your hair with much-needed moisture, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and healthy. You can also perform a weekly deep conditioning or hair mask to your hair care regime to give your strands some extra hydration and restoration. Consider it a spa day for your hair.

When it comes to your favourite curling wand, flat iron or mermaid waver that you simply can’t part with, always apply a heat-protectant spray to your hair to protect it from harm and prevent brittle strands. With some TLC and the right items in your back pocket, your hair will soon radiate health and vitality, without the need for annoying extensions or costly salon treatments.

6. Separating From Split Ends

Another major hair concern is those dreaded split ends. Whether you are struggling with just a few of them or they have become a full-blown, widely spread epidemic, we have some unwavering tips and tricks that will help you say goodbye to split ends for good. 

Heat damage, harsh brushing, and environmental damage are just a few of the main culprits of split ends. It’s safe to say that your hair goes through a lot daily, causing the outermost layer of your hair, the cuticle, to become damaged, and that’s when it starts to fray, causing those obnoxious split ends.

Start by treating your hair with the care and love it deserves — only use gentle products without harsh sulphates and chemicals that further exacerbate damage. Avoid excessive heat styling, brushing and pulling, especially when your hair is wet — this is when it’s at its most vulnerable! And of course, scheduling regular trips to the salon can help to stop split ends from travelling deeper into the hair shaft, so book in for trims every 2 – 4 months. 

7. Restoring Vibrant Colour

And last but not least – for many of us, hair colour serves as a fun tool of self expression and experimentation. However, keeping it looking vibrant can be quite a struggle. We’ve all been there —  what was once a vivid hue is now a faded-out shade that has long lost its wow factor. 

Keep your colour intense for so much longer with colour-safe shampoos and conditioners specially designed to maintain hair colour and at the same time, cleanse and treat your locks gently. They are free of harsh sulphates and other chemicals that can erode the colour molecules from your hair, leaving it drab and pale. In addition, a colour-depositing conditioner or gloss will revive your colour between salon visits. These products work to gently deposit small amounts of pigments onto the hair shaft, refreshing and enhancing the colour with every use.

And finally, don’t forget the UV protection. Yes, your hair needs it just as much as your skin does. Consider wearing hats or using special protection products with UV filters to prevent your colour from fading under the damaging sunlight. 


And that’s that — a complete guide to fighting off the most common hair problems with ease and conviction. From dealing with frizz to waving goodbye to hair loss, we’ve covered it all. The next time you feel like your hair is fighting back, know that you have the power to take control.

Remember, haircare is a never-ending journey, not a destination. With the right knowledge, products, and a little tender loving care, you can achieve the healthy, radiant locks you’ve always dreamed of.

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