Ship Ahoy - The Top Cruises Around The World

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Ship Ahoy – The Top Cruises Around The World

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From ice-covered Antartica to colourful Rio De Janeiro these are the top cruises around the world.

A cruise offers you the chance to explore a range of beautiful, historic ports across the globe and all at once. You get to look out at the ocean each morning when you wake with a cup of coffee or your preferred morning beverage in hand. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next cruising adventure, check out some of the ideas below. 

ASIA & AUSTRALIA: Hapag- Lloyd Cruises- “Modern metropolises and mysterious cultures” (Melbourne to Hong Kong- 25 days)

This cruise takes place on the MS EUROPA, a cruise ship that was awarded 5-stars for the 19th time in the latest edition of the Berlitz Cruise Guide 2018. The service onboard was described by Douglas Ward, author of the Berlitz Cruise Guides as “attentive, friendly and yet at the same time unobtrusive”. On board the EUROPA, there are various facilities that are provided, one of them being access to spa and fitness services. The Ocean Spa offers massages and beauty treatments. En route to Hong Kong, passengers are able to explore the bustling cities of Australia, namely Melbourne and Sydney as well as the islands of Papa New Guinea. The Europa arrives at Hong Kong in the afternoon after a day at sea.

AFRICA: Silversea Cruises (Cape Town to Accra -18 days)

This cruise includes 7 African countries such as Namibia and the lesser known Islands of Sao Tome and Principe located off the West Africa coast. The itinerary starts at Cape Town, South Africa and concludes with a 6:30 am arrival in Accra (Tema) where you can experience some of the country’s rich history and local cuisine. This cruise takes place aboard the “Silver Cloud” known for her large suites and world-class service.

NORTH AMERICA: “Journey to Vinland” (Bergen to Montreal)

On the 1st of December, 2015, Viking Ocean Cruises announced a new line that would include North America and the Caribbean as cruise destinations. The “Journey to Vinland” cruise starts off in Bergen, Norway and then continues to Scotland where you can visit the Shetland Islands. Also included on this trip are visits to the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland, moving on to the L’anse aux Meadows on the Island of Newfoundland, Canada. The cruise concludes in the bustling, cosmopolitan city Montreal.

MIAMI TO CUBA, MSC Cruises, 8 days

Discover the new Cuba & Caribbean itinerary for MSC Armonia departing from Miami, the “Cruise Capital of the World”! This amazing new itinerary features two days in Havana, Cuba, in addition to the best of Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Mexico. Enjoy an even richer itinerary across the Caribbean and dive into the local culture of Cuba through the 2 complimentary shore excursions in Havana, to choose among a broad range of shore experiences rich in cultural and historical discovery.

SOUTH AMERICA: “Radiant Rhythms”- Buenos Aires to Rio De Janeiro (12 days)

This cruise starts at Buenos Aires, Argentina and includes various ports in Uruguay and Brazil such as the colourful city of Montevideo and Punta Del Este where you can enjoy the beach resort or get lost in art at local museums. The cruise makes its final stop at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

EUROPE: Viking Ocean Cruises “In Search of the Northern Lights” (London to Bergen – 13 days)

Viking’s Cruises have been named by Condé Nast Traveller as the number Ocean Cruise Line and number one River Cruise Line too. This cruise, in particular, includes 7 ports. It begins with arrival at the historic town of Tilbury on the north bank of the River Thames. Places of interest are the Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill. Following this, the ship heads towards Norway across the North Sea and stops off at various Norwegian cities rich with history. There is an overnight stay at Tromsø where you can experience the city’s landmarks or have fun with some winter activities such as a ride on a reindeer-drawn sleigh. The final stop is Norway’s scenic city- Bergen.


Embark on an exceptional cruise along the Spanish coasts with PONANT: an all-new 8-day itinerary between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean aboard our yacht, Le Ponant. Your journey will begin in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. Dominated by Spain’s tallest peak, Mount Teide, this volcanic island with undeniable charm offers a great variety of landscapes. You will then discover Lanzarote, also called ‘island of fire’. Its quasi-lunar landscapes are sure to surprise you. At the end of your cruise, do not miss the opportunity to visit Valencia, your disembarkation port. Its festive atmosphere, its old town that is a maze of narrow streets, its gardens and its modern buildings will undoubtedly delight you.

Antarctica: Azamara Club Cruises “Antarctica Pursuit Voyage” (15 days)

Beginning at Buenos Aires, Argentina, this cruise includes a few days at sea with access to the on-board Sanctum Spa. Following the days at sea comes arrival at the Antarctic Sound/Peninsula followed by the legendary, ice-covered Island of Elephant Island. Also included in the itinerary is a stop at the remote and incredibly interesting Port Stanley of the Falkland Islands. The cruise comes full circle- with a final arrival at the place of departure, Buenos Aires.

RUSSIA: Scenic “Imperial Russia” (15 days)

Russia is a land of monumental size and beauty, with glorious cities, cultural landmarks of incomparable magnificence, and history as captivating as it is complex. Many wonders of Russia will be revealed on this epic journey, starting in Stalingrad where you will board Scenic Tsar, your luxury floating hotel. To travel along the Volga River between the two great cities of Stalingrad and Moscow is a step back in time. However, Russia offers up many additional surprises to discover, with culinary delights, welcoming locals and spectacular scenery to enjoy. Travel by train to Moscow where a world of wonder awaits with a three-night stay to finish off your journey.

Ony Anyanwu


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