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Hayman Island byInterContinental pledges to only supply reef-safe sunscreen to guests from 1 July.

There are few destinations on Earth that can call the Great Barrier Reef – one of the seven wonders of the natural world – it’s home. So, on 8 June on World Ocean Day, Hayman Island by InterContinental is making a pledge to protect its spectacular surroundings. 

When Hayman Island by InterContinental opens to the world on 1 July, the resort will exclusively supply its guests with reef-safe sunscreen in an effort to be actively involved in the conservation of the reef and the wider effects of toxic sunscreen on the world’s oceans. 

Unique glass to sand crusher

The sand to glass crusher is a unique initiative on the island to recycle and reuse what would otherwise be wasted. The crusher function will crush all glass bottles used to make a silicone ‘sand’ product that will be recycled and used across the island in areas such as the gardens.

No single-use plastic across the resort

No plastic water bottles will be used in-room or be for sale on the island. Upon check-in, all guests will receive their own reusable water bottle to use for drinking water on the island which will also be theirs to take home. The Hayman Island bottles will also available to buy in the island’s boutique store, The Grove if more wish to be purchased. There will be multiple still filtered water stations placed conveniently across the resort for guest’s ease of use.

In-Room Thermal Technology Systems installed 

The resort is investing in a state-of-the-art fully automated room technology system to ensure thermal efficiency is optimum and maximum energy in-room is conserved. When guests are not in the room, the lights, air conditioning, curtains, blinds and appliances are adjusted to optimise thermal efficiency and reduce the use of energy. A motion censored system is then activated the moment guests return to their room with the system automatically activating the lights/aircon/appliances and opening the blinds – welcoming them back to their stunning accommodation. The technology has been carefully designed so the room feels cool and refreshing from the moment they step through the door whilst conserving maximum energy.

Water Reuse & Recycle Irrigation system

Two robust water reuse & recycle irrigation systems are being installed on the island that will be used to irrigate the landscape

Hayman Island by InterContinental will embark on a new era of luxury from 1 July 2019. 

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