Eco-friendly Travel Tips: How to become a green traveller

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5 Ways to be more eco-friendly when travelling

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Eco-friendly travel tips: 5 ways to become a green traveller

When it comes to travelling, we want it to be efficient and convenient. And, if we are going on a holiday, we want it to be relaxing as well, right? But that is not to say we shouldn’t consider ways to reduce our footprint and make sure our next trip is as eco-friendly as possible. So, if you’re wondering where to start your eco-friendly journey, we’ve listed five easy ways to travel and feel less guilty about your carbon footprint.

1. Offset Your CO2-Emissions When Flying

Try to book non-stop flights whenever you can. It’s the takeoffs and landings that create most of an aeroplane’s carbon emissions. When you book your flight, use a flight search engine that offsets your flight’s CO2 emissions for free. Skyscanner, a flight-comparison site, launched a carbon offset calculator back in 2018 to spotlight flights with lower-than-average CO2 emissions with its Greener Choices label. It also takes into account the fuel efficiency of aircraft type and the distance flown.

2. Travel With Eco-Friendly Luggage

If you’re looking to upgrade your luggage, consider choosing a suitcase that’s eco-friendly and made from sustainable materials like Samsonite’s newly launched Magnum Eco range.

This is the iconic brand’s first global launch of a suitcase made with post-consumer recycled plastic giving waste a second life and reducing the use of virgin plastic materials. Crafted with recycled plastic waste, such as yoghurt cups and plastic bottles, the large suitcase, for example, uses recycled plastic waste equivalent to 434 yoghurt cups and 12 plastic bottles.

The Magnum Eco is not only made from environmentally responsible materials but is also lightweight and impact resistant for the best travel experience. It’s been through all the rigorous strength tests that Samsonite is well known for. Amongst the lightest in its category, only 4.1kg for Spinner 75, this new luggage is both light in the hand and light on the mind.

3. Make Eco-Friendly Accommodation Choices

More than ever before, travellers are booking eco-friendly accommodations. When trying to find a hotel that’s committed to sustainable tourism practices, search for small and independent eco-conscious hotels and then check their website or contact them directly to find out what makes them eco-friendly. Do they have green tourism awards and accreditations? There are numerous, reputable third-party sustainability certifications that hotels can apply for. Look for properties using 100 per cent renewable energy, water-efficient showers and reduced single-use plastics.

eco-friendly travel tips

4. Go Green And Cut Out The Meat

According to some experts, giving up the consumption of animal products (beef) might reduce the carbon footprint more than cars.

So when you are travelling, try to cut out meat products as much as possible and instead opt for locally sourced vegetarian options. Of course, you don’t have to limit this to your holiday alone. It makes a huge difference if you eat less or no animal products at home, too.

5. Pack Eco-Friendly Products & A Reusable Water Bottle

Bring your shower products with you in reusable bottles to avoid using the hotel’s shampoos and body lotions made from single-use plastic. To reduce the waste at your holiday destination make sure to pack a reusable water bottle. Many international airports have free water dispensers, which saves you money and wasting plastic bottles.



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