Sustainable luxury at eco-destination: The Resort Villa, Thailand

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Sustainable luxury at eco-destination: The Resort Villa, Thailand

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Conscious travellers rejoice! The Resort Villa, one of the most exclusive properties in Thailand, perfectly blends sustainability with luxury. 

Conscious travel is on the rise worldwide and as a result, some of today’s most stylish and exclusive resorts are also some of the most sustainable and forward-thinking. The Resort Villa, possibly one of the most luxurious properties you can find in Thailand, is one of them. The luxury resort’s inspiring and impressive commitment to environmental conservation sets this eco-friendly haven apart making it a truly unique destination. In a nutshell, the property demonstrates that sustainability doesn’t mean compromising on luxury – one bit!

Spanning over an impressive 14,000m2, the luxury tropical property complex boasts seven individual villas

Sustainable luxury

Enveloped by lush tropical greenery, the ultra-luxe resort with its sleek design is tucked away in the non-touristy area of Rayong Thailand and caters to the increasingly sophisticated, seasoned and affluent travellers. The resort is perfect for families and larger groups demanding only the most exclusive, private, authentic and sustainable experiences. In fact, it’s the resort’s belief that it’s possible to experience luxury at its finest while being environmentally aware and making every effort that counts. 

Spanning over an impressive 14,000m2, the luxury tropical property complex boasts seven individual villas, nine dining areas, four bars, a fully equipped gym, a full-service spa, a home cinema, as well as an impressive 15m long aquarium and a 1,000m2 infinity pool. At first glance, one might ask how this lavish resort is managing to live up to its environmental commitment given the immense amount of power required to sustain the extensive villa complex. The answer is via a solar farm which the resort built themselves making use of the Thailand sun, which there’s no shortage of. Located only 300 meters from the resort it cleverly generates all the power needed to sustain the entire resort.

Eco-focused guests can, with good conscious, take advantage of all the luxury on offer at The Villa Resort. Resting assured, that whilst soaking in the large private swimming pool, enjoying the many holistic spa-treatments and relishing the culinary organic dishes, they will leave a very small environmental footprint. And who doesn’t want to be kind to mother nature whilst not having to skimp on the finer things in life?

Shrimp Pad Thai
The Villa Resort’s own garden

Farm-to-table gourmet cuisine

To meet the growing demand for fresh and organic produce The Resort Villas has its own veggie patch from which local vegetables, fresh herbs and fruits make its way straight to the kitchen’s chopping boards and juice blenders. And, if a garden wasn’t enough, the resort even boasts its own farm(!). Sweet corn, watermelon, chilli, bananas, lemongrass, peppers, and mint is growing next to a dedicated mushroom house used by the resort’s private chefs when whipping up delectable dishes inspired by fine French dining, Thai Cuisine and other Asian favourites. The Resort Villa’s statement ‘we are truly what we eat’ feels extra comforting when tucking into the delicious and fresh dishes knowing that everything that goes into your body during your stay here is local produce of the highest quality coming straight from the resort’s garden and farm.

Infinity pool view

Taking care of the surrounding environment 

The Resort Villa is also committed to co-existing with and protecting its surroundings which include the coral reefs with the hopes that the resort guests can have fantastic snorkelling and diving experiences for years to come. When using the resort’s own private 60ft motor yacht which often requires anchoring, The Villa Resort’s General Manager took the initiative to invest in anchoring points which reduces the damage that dropping an anchor otherwise can have on coral reefs.

The resort’s own private 60ft motor yacht uses dedicated anchoring points to avoid damage on the coral reefs

Apart from the resort itself, there are plenty of more activities for nature lovers and conscious travellers to explore in the area. Guests who wish to reconnect with nature, can, for example, take a little boat ride to a local Sea Turtle Preservation Sanctuary and get a glimpse of the various, now protected, turtles. For those wanting to experience the lush rainforest, pristine waterfalls and caves The Khao Wong National Park, stretching over an area of 84 km2, is only about 45 minutes from The Resort Villa.

One of the villa’s infinity pool is perfect for an evening swim

Spreading the sustainability ethos

Whilst The Villa Resort is serious about their own ongoing sustainability efforts, perhaps most inspiring is the property’s commitment to spreading the sustainability ethos. By setting a brilliant and inspiring example The Villa Resort has helped and continues to help improve the nearby communities and surrounding areas to become cleaner and more mindful as well and encourages them to take action. 

The Villa Resort is not only offering an opulent experience and a slice of paradise, but also a place to indulge in your next holiday without the guilt of causing harm to our planet’s resources.

The Resort Villa

334 M 3, Kram, Klaeng
Rayong, Thailand 21190

For more information and bookings: email:



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