The Gentleman's Guide to Packing Grooming Essentials

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The Gentleman’s Guide to Packing Grooming Essentials

The Gentleman’s Guide to packing grooming essentials when travelling by aeroplane.  

Just because women are notoriously known for (over)-packing their travel beauty bags doesn’t mean men need to skimp on their grooming essentials when travelling. With these clever tips, any travelling gentleman can look (and smell) his best. 

First things first when starting to pack:

Is there anything that can be reduced? If there are items that are not immediately necessary they can probably be left behind. An easy solution to be able to bring your favourite products despite their original packaging size is to recycle and refill small containers under 100ml. Whether you purchase a specific travel pack or simply use old amenity containers from the hotel they all fill the same purpose. When deciding on which products to pack always go for multi-purpose grooming items such as a shaving soap and day/night cream for example. Consider if the products can be purchased at your destination, if so there is no need to pack it with you, simply pick it up when you arrive. If travelling by aeroplane make sure you don’t pack any liquids over 100ml or any clippers or shaving blades. 

What to pack

Firstly, a deodorant which is usually the bulkiest item in your wash bag but probably something you don’t want to leave without. Go for a roll-on since it takes up less space. Leave your electric toothbrush at home since it will be too large to pack, opt for a foldable travel toothbrush instead or simply a normal one. If you are checking in a suitcase it’s a good idea to keep the toothbrush with you in your hand luggage in case you want to freshen up between flights.  Rather than packing a large toothpaste pick up a travel sized tube alternatively use the toothpaste provided in the hotel rooms. You can also ask for extra ones which can come in handy for next time you are travelling. A few nice extras are a pack of gum, travel floss a lip balm and wet wipes to ensure you stay fresh. 


Frequent flyers already know that shaving blades are permitted to bring onboard an aircraft. Make sure you pack an electronic shaver and if you need shave cream, try a shaving soap or travel size shave cream along with a shaving brush (Windsor, Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush, Murdock London). If you have a beard pack a travel-sized beard moisturiser, try Beard Moisturiser, Murdock London.


Most hotels will provide shampoo and conditioner however in order to bring your favourite hair styling products this is where the small travel containers really come in handy. Transfer any hair gel and wax into the travel containers. To combat flat and lifeless hair try Sea Salt Spray from Murdock London to inject instant volume and matte texture. 


Lastly and perhaps most importantly, make sure you don’t leave without smelling nice. To complete your list of grooming essentials opt for a selection of travel-sized colognes from Murdock London 10 ml. Alternatively, if you space permitting pack your favourite cologne. Patchouli British Cologne, Murdock London 100ml is the perfect travel companion with its decadent, intense and intruding scent of Café de Paris in the 1890s and rowdy Fitzrovia in the 1950s.


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