INTERVIEW: Kate Morris, founder of Adore Beauty

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INTERVIEW: Kate Morris, founder of Adore Beauty

We caught up with Kate Morris,  the woman behind Adore Beauty, Australia’s longest-running online beauty store.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and Adore Beauty

Sure! Well, I’ve been a beauty junkie my whole life. I worked part-time on the Clarins counter while I was at uni and noticed how many women didn’t like going into department stores, so I decided I was going to start an online beauty store so that the shopping experience could be more empowering and fun.  That was nearly 19 years ago now!  Adore Beauty now has 120+ staff and over 200 brands. It’s the most fun job I could ever have imagined.

Being a busy woman how do you make time to look after yourself and your body and mind?

I literally have to schedule it in my diary. For example, I exercise at the same times/days every week because otherwise it just wouldn’t happen.  I also keep my weekends for family time and relaxing. 

What is your top tip to other busy women when it comes to finding a healthy balance in life? 

You have to prioritise it. I think it’s very easy for women to fall into the habit of putting everyone else first – it’s almost expected of us – but we also have to demand, and plan for, time for ourselves. Set some goals around what you’d like your life to look like – e.g. “I’d like to go to three exercise classes a week” and build a plan around how you could make that happen.  Your partner (if you have one) should support you.

Do you have a beauty routine?

Of course!  I cleanse morning and night (and with a Clarisonic every other day), apply a bunch of serums, and never leave the house without sunscreen on.  Lately, I’ve also been using a LightStim LED device to help stimulate collagen growth and keep my skin firm and plump.  Every few days I use the Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask to exfoliate. 

What are your top beauty products?

At the moment I am into Aspect and Cosmedix for skin care; I like the Aspect Phytostat 9 moisturiser, Cosmedix Simply Brilliant serum, and Aspect B17 serum.  For the body I love Kiehl’s Creme de Corps range, it’s super hydrating with no scent. Makeup-wise I like Lancome and Jane Iredale foundations, Clinique Chubby Stick blush, Clarins Instant Light concealer and lip gloss, and Lancome Hypnose mascara.

What are the beauty products you always bring with you when travelling?

 I always bring a silk pillowcase (Shhh Silk), a hydrating mask (Dermalogica), Welleco Super Elixir greens powder, and a hydrating spray (usually Jane Iredale D20).  Plus I always drink Hydralyte on the plane to prevent dehydration.

More about the “wellness space” on the site.

A big part of beauty, I think, is feeling good about yourself. That goes beyond just what you put on your skin.  Gut health and nutrition are important, good sleep is important, self-care and self-nourishment are important.  Our “Adore You” section takes a very holistic approach to help our customers achieve this feeling of wellbeing and positivity.  I want all of our customers to feel great when they walk out the door every morning.

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