WELLNESS: Circle Haus offers invitation-only luxury retreats

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WELLNESS: Circle Haus offers invitation-only luxury retreats

International wellness and hospitality entrepreneurs launch invitation-only luxury retreats for the conscious executive.

Wellness tourism rivals the growth rate of the entire travel and tourism industry of the world. ‘London based’ company, ‘Circle Haus’ provides tailor-made luxury retreats for conscious executives wanting to invest in themselves, by creating a global community where like-minded people can connect and reflect. Circle Haus is redefining the luxury retreat: bringing wellness, thought-leadership and world-class cuisine together under one roof. ‘As well’ as a holistic approach to health, they’ll be hosting workshops taken by leading wellness practitioners and Fortune 500 company speakers. The dedicated Circle Haus founders aim to create a haven for a community that is building towards a brighter, stronger and healthier future. The global wellness tourism market was valued at more than $650 billion, $8 billion of this is attributed to corporate wellness programs. The total wellness market is growing faster than the global economy and now represents 5.3% of all Global economic output.

‘We want to encourage people to detach, find space to enhance and align to enable them to revitalize and be mindful of their every day ‘ says Olivia Soleto / Circle Haus Co-Founder.

Founders of Circle Haus, Claire Wright and Olivia Soleto-Teasdale

Healthy Food

Circle Haus partner Richard H Turner, an award-winning chef, restaurateur and author, who has been trained by Michelin-star chefs the Roux brothers, Pierre Koffman and Marco Pierre White will create a tailored menu, using ingredients designed to enhance the body and mind to encourage peak performance. ‘We wanted to design a retreat that we wanted to go to but didn’t exist, so the solution was to create our own,’ explains Circle Haus Co-Founder Claire Wright.


‘Circle Haus luxury is in every detail and our retreats have been selected for their luxurious facilities and proximity to nature.’ The retreats are planned all across the globe, from Costa Rica, Dubai, Aruba, Italy, Greece, Bali, Thailand, and the US. Circle Haus is just one part of the wellness portfolio the powerful duo plan to launch in 2019 so big things on the horizon for these two entrepreneurs.

To apply to attend a Circle Haus retreat you will need to fill in the form online at www.circlehaus.com

Hamilton Island


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