London: Delicious Dining with a Side of Uniqueness

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London: Delicious Dining with a Side of Uniqueness

Here are five London restaurants to enjoy ‘ dining with a twist’ making it an evening you won’t forget.

When it comes to fine dining, maybe you want a side of a little bit extra, for the ultimate fine-dining experience. If this is what you fancy, London is the place to find it!

The Bob Bob Ricard

The Bob Bob Ricard is a stunning all-booth dining room restaurant, situated in Soho. The restaurant serves a combination of reinvented English and Russian classics, all beautifully served. To complete this unique experience, each table is equipped with a ‘press for more champagne’ button. With this being the only restaurant in the UK to be endorsed by Chateau d’Yquem as a purveyor of their world-famous wine by the glass and the elegant dress code, it’s no wonder you have to book at least three months in advance for this unique fine dining experience. 

Dans Le Noir

When Dans Le Noir was awarded for the best culinary experience 2017 by the British Restaurant Awards, you know you’re in for a treat. The twist at this place, in Clerkenwell Green, is that the experience happens in complete darkness, with visually impaired waiters. Choose from one of their three surprise menus and try this insane and unique sensory experience. 

Circus London 

Described as a unique and quirky cabaret restaurant and cocktail bar in Covent Garden, this restaurant offers a high-quality Pan-Asian menu with a spectacular pop-up circus. They offer a set menu, starting from £55 per person and is designed for sharing. If an outrageous show, paired with incredible food sounds like your evening experience, head to Circus London. 


Sketch can be found in a gorgeous three-story Georgian house in Mayfair London, however, don’t be fooled! The interior of this building is what sets it apart and takes fine dining to an exceptional experience. The Lecture room and Library is the room which hosts a two Michelin star restaurant, which offers exquisite food. The other rooms must be checked out too, with The Glade, themed as a stunning enchanted forest. Sketch is definitely one to check out! 

Restaurant Story

In 2013, Tom Sellers, the chef patron, opened Restaurant Story and has been telling his story ever since. The cuisine here is predominantly British, with the menu set in chapters, with the aim being to create a menu that invokes memory and brings a narrative to each plate. On arrival, guests are not presented with a menu, but a menu is created around that guests’ individual preferences, made up of classic story dishes, as well as seasonally inspired dishes. This experience not only offers unforgettable food but a unique and unforgettable experience. 

Hamilton Island


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