Parisian Chic – Top Accessories for your French CityScape

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Parisian Chic – Top Accessories for your French CityScape

Here are the top stylish accessories to complete your sophisticated and chic Parisian look.

One of the most fashionable areas in the world, Paris is a city that is fundamentally chic and stylish. A cityscape to a fashionable city should be met with a fashionable outfit, but an outfit is never complete without the perfect accessories! Here are the top stylish accessories to complete your sophisticated and chic Parisian look. 

Dior Etoile Knit Beret – Christian Dior 

If a classic black beret does not make you think of ‘Paris’, probably nothing else will. This beret is fitting with a long coat or even a cute jacket, perfect to wear on the classic, romantic Parisian streets. Not only will bring a touch of class to your outfit but, being also the epitome of French style, it will really spell out chic and fashionable. It is also knitted with nylon, so it will be comfortable to wear and is easy to fit and style to the shape of the head. (P.s. – It also comes in different colours!)

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Turner Recycled Leather Bucket Bag – French Connection

Who knew that an original lattice design and a sophisticated, recycled leather texture could come together in a beautiful concoction to create a gorgeous bag? Not only is this bag practical with the adjustable shoulder strap for convenience and a small canvas pouch to add to the security, but it is also very fun and quirky in its design and the colour in cognac means that it is the perfect point accessory to go with an every-day outfit in Paris. 

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Damier Azur Straps Bandana – Louis Vuitton 

Chic and stylish, perfect for most seasons of the year and adding a touch of romance and femininity to the look is none other than the light bandana to wear in various different styles, around the neck. The pure cotton texture means that it has a summery feel, but it is perfect for all times – when popping it on just to go out for a walk, or for a lovely Parisian day out. Do not miss out the impeccable detail with the iconic LV Circle logo and the calm, but not too dark, colours which point to a look of sophistication. Whatever you do and wherever you go, do it in style with this bandana!

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Vernis A Levres Vinyl Cream Liquid Lipstick – Yves Saint Laurent 

Accessories don’t always have to be items of fashion – make your lips the point of your look, with this gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent liquid lipstick. Not only is this a best-seller, due to its creamy texture which makes it smoothly applicable, but it also comes in various, vivid colours which creates a bold point lip. The colours range from corals and pinks to dark, sultry reds, but for a perfect Parisian chic style which suits any skin tone, red is best. Finally, this liquid lipstick is extremely practical, with it lasting for ten hours, and the diamond-shaped applicator means that it is easy to swipe over the cupid’s bow with precision and professionality. 

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