FASHION: how to dress tres chic when in Paris

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FASHION: how to dress tres chic when in Paris

Planning a weekend in Paris? With these style tips, you will nail the tres chic look in minutes whilst exploring the city of love.

It’s commonly known that the residents of Paris have an innate sense of style. The Parisian woman is always dressed appropriately. Elegance, a sense of proportion and impeccable taste makes the French women one of the best-dressed women in the world. Charming casualness mixed with formal suits and dresses worn with the perfect accessories, the French look is glamorous yet playful.

You can’t say that Parisians stand out from the crowd, however, it is possible to distinguish them from tourists without any difficulty. Many women who are planning a tourist trip to France are trying too hard to imitate local ladies. As a result, on the road, they take either flashy things or too austere.

Informal clothing can be very elegant and, at the same time, comfortable. Natural fabrics and materials are the main secrets of the convenience of shoes, dresses, jackets, sweaters, coats and trenches. At any time of the year, a Parisian woman wears sunglasses, scarves, hats. Her essential attributes in cloudy weather are a fashionable umbrella and gloves.

Instagram beauties to take inspiration from

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Let’s look at American blogger and youtube star – Camila Coelho, who is a frequent visitor of Paris and who learned how to dress “French”. French women never follow the trend mindlessly. To put on all the most fashionable things at once is not about them. The ideal formula for their image: 10% of trendy wardrobe items, 90% of timeless classics. In her “fashionable arsenal” for Paris, there are always jackets, cropped black pants and white shirts. For example, Yves Saint Laurent introduced a tuxedo into a woman’s wardrobe, Coco Chanel to put on trousers, and the French simply continue to get involved in taking things from the men’s wardrobe. Pantsuits, jeans, biker leather trenches, gloves and oversized jackets — French women adore the masculine style and wear “unfeminine” things with pleasure as does Camila. They all know it well: the girl in them looks much sexier.

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Talented Russian model and a mom of three Elena Perminova knows that all attention in France is paid to accessories. While the whole world is still wondering who the author of the expression “the devil is in the details,” the Parisians have long invented their own interpretation of the idiom. In her images, she relies on accessories. Elena still continues to wear berets, wrap herself in scarves and choose bright contrasting bags. Also looking pe-r-fect is the story definitely not about French women. It is the same slight negligence gives their images the famous charm. As we see on Elena pictures slightly dishevelled hairstyle, slightly tucked up sleeves of a jacket, a slightly carelessly tied belt of a trench coat – it seems as if she is not making any effort to look like a “femme fatale”.

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Chiara Ferragni, an Italian blogger, is a perfect example of a popular French motto: beauty is in simplicity. She would never combine several extravagant things at once, and colourful and bright things rarely combine in one image. Chiara knows that French women prefer discreet and concise items of clothing, sometimes diluting them with one bright piece. Her wardrobe is not replete with all colours of the rainbow, rather for Paris she had chosen some basic colours she would never betray. They rely on basic shades that are easy to combine with each other. It’s not a secret that favourite colours of Parisians are black, white, scarlet, dark blue and all shades of beige.

Meanwhile, real Parisians do not spend hours shopping and fitting clothes. They follow the trends of world podiums, know how high-quality things from this or that material should look, and from the labyrinth of shelves of a department store they bring only the most stylish things to the checkout.

After pleasant walks in one of the most amazing cities on the planet, you will take with you to your homeland a new perception of fashion that will change you once and for all.

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