THE Best Beach Towns in The Netherlands for a costal getaway

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THE Best Beach Towns in The Netherlands for a costal getaway

The Netherlands, the land of windmills and tulips has a surprisingly impressive coastline with equally impressive beach towns.

You might think that the Netherlands is an odd destination for a holiday to a beach town in Europe, but you might be surprised – with a change in seasons approaching, and along with it a warmer atmosphere in place, this article outlines five beach towns in The Netherlands that provide the perfect destination for a simple get-away to the beach (and with other attractions apart from the seaside) for couples, individuals or families. 


A seaside resort located on the North Sea in the Dutch province of Zeeland, this area holds many extravagant summer houses for the rich and famous. About 11km from the northwest capital of Middelburg, this oldest seaside resort has many clean beaches and a bustling beach town in the summer, with even pavilions and cabins – a fresh new something from the sea. Being the oldest seaside resort, Domburg has many grand buildings, boasting a picturesque image of the whole seaside town. The warm sand and boardwalks mean that the walking-course is accessible to anyone, including families with prams and wheelchairs. Not only is there the sea to see, but also a unique forest, as Domburg is located on the edge of de Manteling nature reserve, which can be accessed either by foot, or cycling. 

Bloemendaal aan Zee

Situated in the North Holland province, this seaside resort and village is in between the beaches Ijmuiden and Zandvoort. Being one of the most popular beach towns in Holland, if you are ready to soak up the vivacious bustle of a beautiful, Dutch beach town, then this is the place for you, especially in the summer months, where sunbathing is a key aspect to a seaside holiday. Relatively close to Amsterdam, Bloemendaal aan Zee can be reached by public transport, or a (relatively) short car drive. Bloemendaal has one of the best beach pavilions in Holland and spectacular beach parties, which means that there are definitely fancy beach bars to be explored and enjoyed until after sunset! 

Bergen aan Zee

Another town on the North Sea coast of Holland, this beach town is part of the municipality of Bergen and is a quiet town with few inhabitants, but very many attractions. The various, beautiful beaches of Bergen aan Zee are visited all throughout the year, especially during the warmer seasons; many tourists also visit and enjoy the natural environment and some come to enjoy the overall artistic atmosphere, as it has been an artistic town since the early twentieth century and the town boasts original art fairs in the summer months. In October, many pieces of art, ranging from sculptures to paintings, photography and ceramics, are exhibited by artists over a period of ten days. The artistic atmosphere and picturesque beaches mean that this town is a beautiful town to visit all throughout the year. 

Schiermonnikoog Island in The Netherlands 

One of the primary factors that deter many people from visiting the beach is the cleanliness and amount of litter on the beach. Heralded as the cleanest beach in Europe, there is no worry to stop you from visiting a beach any longer, with this beach on the Island of Schiermonnikoog. It is the smallest of the Dutch Wadden Islands and is renowned for its nature park. Although it is the smallest island, it has one of the widest beaches in Europe and can be reached by ferry from Lauwerswoog (for details: This island is unique, in that the various festivals of Kallemooifeest and Klozum (a costume festival) are held and are extremely fun to attend. Further, due to the nature and small village on the island, Schiermonnikoog is home to specialities such as original Schiermonnikoog honey and farm cheese. Further, since Schiermonnikoog is part of the Dutch Wadden Islands, if you have done enough exploring of the island itself, island hopping (to Texel, Terschelling and Ameland) is another fun option during the holiday! 


Being one of the infamous eight districts of The Hague, the beach town of Scheveningen is relatively recent, but it is not deprived of any quality a beach resort should have – with a sandy beach and a pier (from which there is a beautiful view of the village), an esplanade and a lighthouse, it is perfect for a couple or family holiday. The fact that this beach resort is quite new is actually an asset, as a range of water sports and activities, such as windsurfing and kiteboarding, can be enjoyed. If engaging in sporting activities is not your cup of tea as such, then you can catch a game of beach volleyball at The Hague Beach Stadium very nearby. Finally, every beach town should have good food, and there is no place like Scheveningen Beach which satisfies this – there are some restaurants with a mesmerising view of the harbour, meaning that a romantic evening meal might also be part of the holiday itinerary. 

Accommodation-wise, for all of these towns, there are many to choose from – hotels, holiday homes, apartments and guesthouses, there is even an option to spend the night at the castle!

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For transportation, The Netherlands can easily be reached by plane or, depending on where you are from, perhaps by driving. 

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