Keep calm and dress for Yoga 

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Keep calm and dress for Yoga 

Get your yoga on with these chic and stylish outfits.

Yoga – is an art that combines physical, mental and spiritual practices, and today this art can be touched by anyone who cares about his physical development and mental harmony. The classes combine various breathing techniques, postures for relaxation exercises for the development of flexibility and stretching.

Clothes for yoga should be more than comfortable. Your choice should be even more convenient than for dynamic fitness because we are talking about stretching, static exercises and a special concentration on breathing. Therefore, you should not be disturbed by such things as stitches, pressure or any other discomfort. 

Depending on what you like, yoga clothes come in various shapes and styles – both free and form-fitting body. Loose pants will help avoid pinching vessels when performing a variety of exercises for twisting or bending. If you prefer body-fitting clothes, then pay special attention to models with high elastic and strength characteristics. Therefore which designers you should opt for?

Adidas by Stella McCartney 


Working in collaboration with sports giant Adidas to design technically innovative and highly functioning sportswear that doesn’t compromise on style, Stella McCartney offers these looks for your stylish yoga classes. Bright and minimalistic outfits would fit perfect for any exercise that you would choose to do.

As in the first picture, special training bodysuit overalls have gained popularity among girls almost immediately. In addition, it is a convenient thing for sports, they are also very sexy and stylish. Today, a jumpsuit is considered the most popular clothing for yoga and pilates.

If to want to show your stunning elastic press then 2nd option is just for you. It is also very comfortable and stylish, as well as a universal one because the top and leggings can be mixed with other sets.

If you choose more modest and simpler options – pay attention to a simple cotton T-shirt and stretch leggings as on the 3rd picture. This set will be comfortable and convenient, and the cotton T-shirt is always of very pleasant quality.

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Sweaty Betty 


The times when you had to go to the gym in the non-aesthetic sweatpants with elongated knees and overly oversized t-shirts have passed. For the change have come unique and stylish clothes from a democratic brand such as Sweaty Betty. You will be pleased with the high quality of the fabric and elegant design. 

The first look would be a great alternative for the jumpsuit. The colourful print and perfectly fitted leggings would be perfect for stretching. The top is reversible, so it would give you an opportunity to calm down the look if you would wish. Also, it would give you an opportunity to show your skin a little bit.

Approaching second look if you would like to cover the body but got tired from the simple T-shirts then this versatile top offers two looks in one. The first layer keeps you dry, while the overlayer is breathable. The bending on the back also gives it a little lightness feeling. 

In the third look, the lightweight cropped workout vest with slogan print “Yoga. I’m down dog” is made especially for yoga as you already guessed. You would also fell in love with those relaxed fit and ultra-soft yoga pants with a perfect stretchy fabric. 

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Alo Yoga 


Last but not least, of course, would be Alo Yoga. If you thought that the design ideas would stay the same but only change the colours, then we are hurry to please you with this brand. The simplicity of colours but complex structure gives something unforgettable to the looks. 

Here, in the first picture, you could find T-shirt mid-crop tops, which would cover your shoulders and show your press for a little. To finish the look you could try ripped leggings, which would bring more urban style into your yoga routine.

Continuing with the second picture, you could go for something hot and stylish. Popular fishnets gut in leggings would definitely catch all of the eyes and hurry up because this is a limited edition piece!

In the 3rd picture, you could try the long sleeve complex top and a simple bottom to calm it down. The top is available in many different colours, so if you decide to add some brightness then it’s there for you. 

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