FASHION: London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019

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FASHION: London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019

Here is a sneak peek of some of the hottest designers to keep an eye out for at London Fashion Week.

One of the world’s largest fashion trends – London Fashion Week – is just around the corner. For a few days in February (15th-19th), the London Fashion Week 2019, packed with bold style and vivid colours, will be showcasing the hottest rising fashion trends on your runway. Amongst the very many brands that are “in”, here are a few picks that you might want to wear on a funky, yet chic, holiday in spring or summer, for the 2019 Spring/Summer Season. 

Jamie Wei Huang

Jamie Wei Huang’s collection is definitely modern and cool – perfect to express yourself boldly. The signature design of long silhouettes and the mixture of fabrics by this designer presents a comfy, yet bold look when going out on a tour of the city. The combination of accessories – clutch bags and hats – means a practical, yet chic look for that day out! Bright colours, mixed and matched with bold primary colours add a layer of vividness to the day – a perfect combination of sun and fun for a great day out on a city tour. 

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Xu Zhi

Block colours are sometimes great at catching the eye – and this is definitely the case for Xu Zhi’s collection. The pieces with a white theme add a sense of delicacy to the outfits, yet it is a design which you could wear at any time: it is just gorgeous. The others with a different block colour show that there is a colour to express yourself for each and every day of the week on holiday! Chic and silky, the collection boasts pieces with a range of different fabrics, which are pleasing to wear. For a chic and classy day out, this collection is the one to indulge in. 

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Marta Jakubowski

Funky and big, yet minimalistic – three adjectives that seem oxymoronic, at first, but go together perfectly if you take a look at this collection by Marta Jakubowski. This year’s S/S Collection boasts a funky, yet minimalistic look with the expression of simple, yet vibrant colours with one outfit. The strikingly colourful outfits with simple accessories in contrast or the vividly similar-to-sombrero hats with contrasting chic black dresses throw you centre stage. For a bold day out at the beach or when there’s a need for shade from the sun, these outfits are amazing. 

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Xiao Li

Bright stripes and oversized outfits are in – officially. As you can see from Xiao Li’s collection, the interesting combination of silicone and other avant-garde textures only serves to highlight the modern fashion-style of this designer, with the colourful stripes outlining the capacious shapes. The stripes and one-piece outfits, and especially the footwear, might remind you of the beach but you could also picture a day out at the modern art gallery – why not wear these pieces and become a masterpiece yourself? 

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Spring is here – time for the effervescence and pastel flowers floating around; this collection by steventai definitely brings spring to you. With bright (yet not too vivid) colours, pleasing to the eye, this Spring Collection brings warmth and classiness to your look. With classic, colourful Mary-Jane style shoes and the pastel-coloured outfits, there is created an atmosphere like the perfect harmony of spring. The colours of spring in this collection make the outfits perfect to wear out on a date to the botanical gardens, or for a lovely indoor café date – wearing these designs, there will be no other flower more beautiful to lay eyes on! 

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Mundane yet marvellous describes this collection by REJINA PYO. The exploration of fashion as a quotidian occurrence can be expressed in the contemporary fashion style in PYO’s wonderful, bright pieces. The various, bold colour combinations and different layering and patterns of each different outfit mean that wherever you go, whatever you do, there is always something to enhance your beauty and the atmosphere! The generally bright and captivating fashion means that each outfit will be great for a simple picnic. 

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Paula Knorr

There is definitely one night on a holiday where there is elegance needed – if tonight is that night, then there is no need to check yourself about one hundred times in the mirror, trying on this dress and that – just one look at this collection, and you will be swept off of your feet. The long pieces, created by ingenious techniques, such as draping and cutting, add an original, yet elegant taste to the outfits. The variety of tone-downed colours in these pieces, by Paula Knorr, means there is definitely an element of class to each design and a chic look. The combination of variously-cut pieces and the different textures means that there is extravagance and elegance – a perfect way to end the evening. 

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These various styles show that there is an outfit to satisfy each and every day of your spring/summer holiday. Start the new year with a bit of a change – why not try chic and stylish looks, for a chic and stylish holiday?

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