A Guide to the 5 Best Markets in London

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A Guide to the 5 Best Markets in London

Looking for London’s best food, fashion and flower markets? Here is our guide to the five best markets in London.

London – the heart of England and a lively and fun destination to visit with friends and family. Whilst there are many famous, grand tourist spots to take a look at, there are also many interesting and hearty markets to visit and look around. With great food and homemade stalls that one should never miss out on, here are five of London’s best markets. 

Borough Market

Situated near the infamous London Bridge, Borough Market is a fan’s favourite, with fresh organic produce and exotic condiments, along with great street food. There are not only British favourites such as fresh vegetables and fruits but also international foods such as pasta, Middle Eastern delicacies and a classic Sunday Roast at this market, which is one of London’s oldest markets! 


Camden Market

One of the biggest and busiest markets in London, Camden market has a plethora of things to look at. The many stalls range from artwork and hand-made jewellery to clothing accessories and, who could leave out food! Open seven days a week, there is a market to visit every day of the week, with Camden Lock Market being the home for arts and crafts, heavenly street food such as curries, cheese pasta, coconut pancakes and many more! Buck Street Market, also under the Camden Market, is an indoor area where one can find jewellery, clothing and other small accessories, essential for decoration. Finally, in the Camden Stables Market, one can expect to find modern furniture and interesting, quirky gifts. 


Portobello Road Market

Being one of London’s oldest markets, this market has history and heritage to offer – namely, its large, famous hold of antiques. There is everything from vintage-style clothing to music and ceramics to be found here, not to mention fresh fruit and tasty bread. Although the main antique markets are open on Fridays and Saturdays, with the smaller ones open on Monday to Thursdays, it is a guarantee for a great day out with the family! If things end early, why not take a trip to the infamous Notting Hill just down the road? 


Canopy Market

A market near King’s Cross Station, with a modern and somewhat cosy feel, the Canopy Market is one of the best foods and crafts markets around. Almost fittingly held behind the Granary Square, one can find the Bread Ahead stall, meaning there is a great excuse to buy one or two (or a few more) of those exquisite doughnuts! With it being so close to the unique and infamous buildings and institutions of design and art, there are many street decorations and aesthetically-pleasing architecture to also take a look at. In the Christmas season, the market receives a design make-over with collaborations from designers and is paired with the quintessential Christmas classic of mulled wine and festive food, with charming live music.  


Columbia Road Flower Market

A market with a different feel – flowers (and bulbs, shrubs, trees and plants in general) are the main attraction, to add colour to one’s day, not to mention the quaint cobbled street. Vibrant and fragrant, this market is essential for those who have an interest in gardening and care for plants, or those who want to decorate around the house with simple plants. Fittingly, there are various gardening tools that go hand-in-hand with these plants and flowers. On the other hand, if in need for a short rest, there are also numerous cafes and restaurants to drop by and recharge. In the Christmas season, one can find the beautifully decorated Christmas wreaths and decorations. It’s a wonderful market, situated in the East End of London – why not visit with the children or a loved one? 


These markets are great to visit on a day out with family and friends, with a plethora of activities and stalls suited to each and everyone’s taste. Most are close to central London but give a refreshing break from the tall buildings. With the hustle and bustle of the unique markets, one can expect a busy, yet exciting day in store! 

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