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News: New Luxury Travel Brand focuses on the Tuscany region

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Tuscany Again is a new luxury travel organisation designed to offer visitors a unique and
authentic new way to visit Tuscany.

A collection of carefully curated experiences –each unlocking an aspect of quintessential Tuscany – aims to connect visitors with the real spirit of this evocative and historic part of Italy.
The non-profit organisation is the brainchild of Mr Leonardo Ferragamo – businessman and member of the celebrated Italian fashion family. Mr Ferragamo, a Tuscan by birth, wanted to share the Tuscany he knows and loves beyond the well-trodden tourist trail. By bringing together an exclusive network of master craftsmen dedicated to excellence – experts in history, art, nature and food and wine, as well as luxury hotels, Ferragamo aims to encourage visitors to gain a richer understanding of the region beyond simple sightseeing.
Each tour is crafted around a singular excellence in Tuscany – something that is truly authentic and outstanding. Every tour is led by a specialist in their area – from chefs to chocolatiers, jewellers to perfumes, art historians to botanists.
And, through its close relationships within the region, Tuscany Again has gained access to spaces and experiences never before available to the public, in order to craft a fresh narrative for visitors to this magical region.

The exclusive collection of 21 experiences are divided across four themes: Places, Wilderness, Excellence and Hands On:


Guests are invited to experience Tuscany’s most famous places, such as the famous cities of Florence and Siena, in a dramatically new way. Through viewing through the eyes of locals and experts and seeing places from a different perspective – sometimes literally – places visited before are elevated. Experience the grand city of Florence through an immersive walking journey through eight centuries of historical gardens or explore Florence from the perspective of height as an art historian guides visitors across some of the highest vantage points in the city.

The real wild Tuscany is uncovered through authentic wilderness experiences, whether by horseback or boat deck, on foot by day or by night. Visitors can take to the waves with a lifelong fisherman, take a moonlight trek through a nature reserve, view rare species of migrating birds with a renowned ornithologist, forage for wild herbs and plants and cook an Italian recipes with the produce, or experience the world of Italian cowboy life by discovering the Tuscan tradition of horseback riding which dates back to the 15th century.

The concept “Made in Italy” serves as a guarantee of excellence in production – a tradition of fine craftsmanship and unequalled quality. Taste famous wine in an ancient castle in the heart of Chianti, dip your fingers into the black gold of fine chocolate, marvel at the forces of nature exposed in your visit to a marble quarry, and learn the secrets of essential oils and
powers of flowers when you explore one of Tuscany’s most ancient and traditional perfume houses.

Tuscany Again invites visitors to get to know the authentic soul of Tuscany with their hands. Step inside the lively atmosphere of active workplaces where ancient crafts and long traditions are cherished and practised by modern-day experts with a great passion for their art. Learn to brew Tuscany’s finest coffee like a professional, turn your hand to the technical science of blending the perfect wine and venture into the woodworking studio of a master corzetti stamp maker.
Each trip with Tuscany Again is created on a bespoke basis with a combination of the experiences based on the client’s preferences. Accommodation at some of the region’s finest luxury hotels and flights from the UK to Florence will also be arranged.

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