Destination Guide: Mykonos, A high-style guide to the Cycladic isle

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Destination Guide: Mykonos, A high-style guide to the Cycladic isle

Destination Guide: Mykonos, A high-style guide to the Cycladic isle

As summer heats up across Europe, so does the scene on Mykonos. Beaches pack with sun-seekers, shorelines are dotted by envy-inducing yachts, and the clubs fill with international scenesters. The Island of the Winds, as the Greek jewel of Mykonos is known, is one of those places that not only has a reputation for high-style and even higher hedonistic pursuits but also lives up to them.

Here amongst iconic windmills, white sugar cube houses, and eyelines of endless blue, the Myconian Collection offers up not one, but two idyllic retreats and the beachside lair Scorpios takes music-lovers from the day well into the night.


Myconian Avaton

Set on a private section of one of the longest beaches on Mykonos, Myconian Avaton seems to grow miraculously out of bare rock, rising up majestically as if suspended between sky and sea. A showpiece on the famed Elia Beach, the property is defined by its stunning panoramas; its traditional Cycladic architecture, blending local stone with white walls and wooden windows; its sublime spa and wellness facilities; and its 85 harmoniously designed rooms, suites, and two- to four-bedroom villas, where modern and vintage furniture match the eternal spirit of the surroundings and private pools and Jacuzzis abound.


Myconian Kyma

Located a stone’s throw from Mykonos Town, the 81-room hotel claims a golden, sun-drenched perch just above the buzz below. Unobstructed views pervade the eyeline, while top-notch pampering ensures relaxation and respite for the whole family. At Myconian Kyma a tailored approach to service means there’s something for everyone’s tastes. From a day spent in Mykonos town, a day trip to the ancient city of Delos, tips on the best beaches, and organizing water sports and horseback riding, to assisting with private yachts and even the hire of the hotel’s own helicopter. Throw in classic Myconian white cube dwellingsmost with private pools or terracesa world-class steakhouse, an Instagram-worthy infinity pool, Thalasso Spa, and there is no indulgent whim unmet.



The laidback, luxurious and holistic beach club Scorpios Mykonos kicks off a hotly anticipated summer lineup with two distinct programming approaches: Music Rituals and Inner Gardens. With full mind and body wellness operating as the driving force here, the Music Rituals component melds top DJ talent with live instrumentals to create an intoxicating seaside atmosphere. Summer highlights include sets by Sneaky Sound System, Blond:ish, Sol Selectas, Unders, and local legend Valeron. Expect easy mixes of Deep Playa, tech-tinged psychedelic house, and a fusing of live electronic and acoustic sounds. A heady mix of healing beats, a health-focused Mediterranean menu, and fresh juice elixirs nurture a spirit of organic togetherness. Barefoot dancing under stars encouraged.

Adding a new mindfulness element to the 2018 season, the Inner Gardens programming puts a focus on mind-body wisdom, creative expression, and positive transformation. A series of workshops, talks, movement and meditation classes means that guests of Scorpios and San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos (located a short stroll from Scorpios), can elevate through Qi Gong, plant medicine, human design, massage and more.

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