Breath, Body & Mind: Book a private yoga class in London

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Breath, Body & Mind: Book a private yoga class in London

The benefits of yoga are endless. Physically it will make the body stronger and fitter and it also works wonders for the mind. As a result, not too surprisingly, requests for private yoga classes in the comfort of your own home, office or hotel room if you are travelling are on the rise. We caught up with Hannes Arnold, one of London’s popular private yoga teachers to learn more about the trend and how it works. 

Hannes, tell us a bit about yourself and how you became a yoga teacher

As a teenager, whilst studying to become a professional French horn player I was taught how to get the best out of my body through various breathing techniques. However, it wasn’t until  I started to practise yoga on a regular basis that I realised the connection between the breath, body and the mind. I was amazed to discover how yoga made me stronger and more flexible on a physical level, but also how it had the same effect psychologically. As a classical musician, practising yoga regularly taught me how to deal with stressful situations more efficiently and how to perform under pressure. It also gave me a feeling of home while I was travelling all over the world. It was this life-changing experience that made me decide to travel to India to become a qualified yoga teacher to be able to pass on the knowledge of yoga to others. For me, yoga is all about becoming stronger and more flexible – on a physically as well as on a mental level.

How did the idea of launching private yoga services come about?

People are busy nowadays and find it increasingly difficult to regularly make it to a  yoga class because of work/life commitments. Many yoga classes are also becoming larger and as a result, it’s sometimes difficult for yoga teachers to be able to adjust and support each individual student during class.  I realised there’s a need for individual teaching in private sessions which allows students to decide when and where and what kind of class they want to do. The growing demand for private yoga classes is really where I come into the picture.

The great thing about private yoga classes is that the clients can have regular classes with the same teacher when it suits them which can assist developing healthy routines. What I love about my job is that as I gradually get to know each student I can better tailor the classes to my clients’ needs. Additionally, the clients’ save time on travelling as I come to their home, workplace or hotel if they are currently travelling.


Talk us through a typical yoga and breathing class

There’s no real ‘ typical yoga class ‘ since they all vary widely from client to client. It can be a fast or slow, easy or challenging class. Some classes are tailored for developing strength rather than flexibility and the other way around. However, despite the type of yoga class I also work on the body and posture and I also always incorporate simple breathing exercises as I think the breath is the key to relieve stress and calm the mind. These are tools and techniques my clients can later use in their everyday life.

What are the benefits of yoga when travelling?

Travelling can be exhausting, not only for the body but also for the mind. I know first-hand that it can be incredibly exhausting to be a frequent flyer. When having to cope with different time zones we can quickly lose our routines. Our eating and sleeping patterns are interrupted which can have a negative effect on our overall wellbeing. Doing yoga while abroad makes you reconnect with your breath, body and mind and brings a piece of home wherever you are.

Doing yoga whilst travelling makes you reconnect with your breath, body and mind which can assist with making you feel grounded again.

Who are your clients?

Not too surprisingly a large number of my clients are based in London. I also have a lot of international clients who regularly contact me for classes when they are in town. They appreciate the benefits of regular 1-to- 1 sessions and especially the flexibility that comes with me coming to see them. I even bring yoga mats so all they need to do is roll out of bed and show up in comfortable clothes.

How does it work, how can people book a private yoga session with you?

It’s easy! Clients can book a time slot for the first session through the app on my website www.breath-body-

Prior to a client’s initial session, I will ask a series of questions in order to get as much information as possible which will assist me tailoring the session to each that client’s specific needs.

To book a private yoga class in London contact Hannes today

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