WELLNESS GUIDE: The Golden Rock Health Retreat, Bali

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WELLNESS GUIDE: The Golden Rock Health Retreat, Bali

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Located ten minutes from Amed, next to the volcano Mount Agung on the North East tip of Bali, this cutting edge holistic centre offers detoxification, cleansing and rejuvenation.

Voted one of four best detox retreats by UK Daily Telegraph Travel, The Golden Rock Retreat attracts visitors from all over the world.

Here guests can relax and unwind at the beautiful retreat situated right on the waterfront whilst doing a five, seven or ten-day detox program.

Away from the busy tourist areas of Bali, The Golden Rock Health Retreat offers complete tranquillity and serves as a place to relax and zone out.

The health retreat encourages guests to embrace a full-spectrum approach to cleansing. This means to not only focus on the physical healing such as the fasting, exercise and liver cleanse, but also on the mental and spiritual being.

You cannot detoxify the body completely without cleaning the mind as well.


The program

The program promises deep internal cleansing by using modern energetic and physical healing techniques and modern technical equipment is used in combination with traditional and ancient therapies.

Guests can stay for five, seven or ten days.

According to the retreat, the four fundaments of detoxification are; the body’s pH, the blood, the bowel and the liver and all areas are treated during the program.

During a seven day cleanse, the first five days include a strict fast followed by a liver flush on day five. On day six and seven fruit and vegetables are slowly introduced back into the diet.

During the fasting days, the blood purification as well as restoring the pH is done by adding Vitamin C, bitter green herbs, alkalising green juices, garlic juice and herbal supplements.

The bowel cleanse consists of; psyllium husks, bentonite clay and magnesium oxide.

Towards the end of the program, the liver and gall bladder flush takes place where Epson salt is consumed together with olive oil and lemon.

Throughout the program, it is important to stay active. Every morning starts with an hour Chi Gong followed by exercise on a strider bike and jumping on a trampoline to work up a sweat before the IR sauna.

The afternoons are filled with massages, yoga and visits to the herbal steam room.

Guest will also receive reflexology.



The result

After seven days of intense cleansing, I left The Golden Rock Health Retreat five kilogrammes lighter with glowing skin and a clearer mind.

Although I felt tired and weak at times throughout the program my energy level was completed restored on my last day before checking out.




Four-day Elemental Cleanse: US$980.00 single occupancy or US$1764.00 shared accommodation (two people, family or friend only).

Seven-day Rainbow Cleanse: US$1,715 single accommodation or US$3,087 shared accommodation.

Ten-day Clear Light Cleanse and Rejuvenation: US$2,450 single accommodation or US$4,410 shared accommodation.

The seven and ten-day programs include all treatments and therapies, food and drinks, laundry and airport transfers.


Would I come back to The Golden Rock Retreat in Bali?

Yes, and I can recommend this place for anyone who is serious about doing a detox.

At times the program is challenging and guests are encouraged to refrain from ordering extra juices.

The program has been developed by professionals and in order to ensure maximum results, guests should follow all the daily activities which are presented every morning.


Additional day activities

For those who feel like they have energy for additional activities, the resort can arrange boat trips, snorkelling, diving or day trips visiting nearby temples.

The surroundings are beautiful so if you have time/energy I would recommend trying to see as much as you can.

For bookings


Visit www.theretreatbali.com for more information.

Telephone + 62.828.9700.8592 + 8  hours GMT

Garuda Indonesia is flying daily to Bali from Sydney. To book your flight visit www.garuda-indonesia.com 

Ole Henriksen

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